• - Cement Compression and Flexure Tests Press
  • - Cement Compression and Flexure Tests Press

- Cement Compression and Flexure Tests Press

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  • Ankara / Turkey
  • Established 2000
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Standards: EN-169/1-BS-3892-C109-NF-P18-411 ASTM-D-1164-to-80 101-AS-2350

Computer-controlled fully automatic 20 tons (200 kN) printing and 1-ton (10 kN) bending capacity cement test has a high mechanical strength needed

to provide the body with minimal deformation of the press two (2) pieces of steel consists of the column and is suitable for continuous use with this feature.

Cement Testing Press, double acting hydraulic pump starts to try the touch of a button through - with load cell by senior plays the title is located after the pretension of the rapidly closing the sample space between the cement sample passes automatically to the breaking speed.

System sample simultaneously with the breaking crest value (peak) maintain and automatically cutting off the hydraulic pressure that presses the piston discharges automatically. Press the factory is set at 20 tons and 20 tons pressure system is automatically switched off when the value is reached.

300mm diameter distance between the lower and upper global plays the title is clear enough break with paint samples between 320 mm and 40 mm. Standards suitable hardness (from a minimum of 57 to 62 HRC), the height of the lower plate with intermediate spacers can be adjusted. The installation is part of the press wire mesh guard.

Press can be operated in both automatic and mechanical. to press the upload speed is automatically entered as mechanical and systems calculate the cross-sectional area of the concrete samples to be broken, the loading speed is selected accordingly. Applied load Nt / cm2 / sec, the control and can be followed.

Installation is distortion control option in the direction perpendicular to the direction and presses on customer demand controlled deformation is produced.

The press speed automatically according to load change in seconds from the transducer Nt / cm2 / sec increases and decreases. Press before the start sahiptir.dene electronic control modules feature code entered by entering the code chart and data values, sample specifications, user information, etc. It is transmitted to a computer and are recorded. This means the customer can send reports directly to the printer.

without a computer using the internal electronic components of the press can be used in cement test press. Press the calibration information in the event of disruption of the computer because it is not required to be stored in the electronic control module calibration is performed again.

life of the overall material and hydraulic oil pressure in the hydraulic system used by pressing the import because it is below 400 bar is long.


Electrical Connection: 220 V, 50 Hz., 1 ph

Capacity: 200 kN (20 tons) compression type load cell

The maximum piston stroke: 100 mm - limit switch is-fitting

Piston Diameter: 320 mm outer diameter

Control Unit Electronic Control Module and / or computer-controlled

Top / bottom plate diameter: 300 mm

Top / bottom plate of vertical eye opening: 320 mm

Horizontal eye opening: 400 mm

Sensitivity under load: 1%

Intermediate distance piece: 200 mm diameter, 3 are available in 55 mm.

Hydraulic oil: Shell Tellus 37

Oil Capacity: 15-16 kg

Size: 620 mm * 950 mm * 1280 mm (length * height)

Weight: 740 kg

• The company name of the laboratory experiment definition, user information can be entered,
• Graphic output, group results came out, the test report can be obtained concrete output
• Sample identification and data entry can be made,
• Force-time graph can be taken out