• 770 Lt. Waste Container Waste Bins
  • 770 Lt. Waste Container Waste Bins

770 Lt. Waste Container Waste Bins

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770 lt. Plastic Waste Container Technical Specifications:
1- Raw material used in containers is resistant to sunlight, heat and cold.
Containers manufactured according to 2-CE standards are certified according to ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 9001: 14001 quality system.
3- Plastic waste containers are manufactured according to TS EN 840 norms.

Body and Lid Properties of Plastic Garbage Containers:
1- Manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE).
2- It is made of UV resistant material.
3-As the light sensitivity of the paint used is maximum, it does not fade and change color in sunlight.

Wheel Material Specifications:
1-770 Lt. capacity of containers; Polypropylene wheels and tires are manufactured from all weather resistant products.
2-The carrying capacity of the product is 310 Kg / Piece, 200 mm in diameter and 50 mm in width.
3-The product has 4 wheels with 2 360 degree rotating brakes and 2 360 degree rotating brake.

Body and Wheel General Specifications:
1-770 Lt. capacity containers with 4 wheels and lid.
2-770 Lt. capacity of the container thickness of 4.5 mm (+, - 0.2 mm) and empty weight of at least 30 Kg. (+ - 3%) waste collection capacity is at least 310 kg.
3-Containers are stainless, non-odorous, easy to clean, and are not affected by sunlight and corrosive chemicals such as ALCOHOL, MAYA, VINEGAR, ACID, AMMONIA, etc.
4-The metal parts used on the containers are galvanized.
5-The container is manufactured in a way that it is resistant to shock effects and will not undergo any deformation in the shock effect and there will be no change in its size and other properties.
6-The bodies of the container are resistant to fall, no leakage, cracking or splitting.
7-The containers are written with silk screen printing or hot printing in the specifications and conditions required by the institution.

Side Lift Arms:
1-Side lift arms are manufactured from full galvanized material in accordance with lifting tools.
2- Side lifting plates shall be connected at least 10 places.


Volume (L)770 L
Width (mm)1260 mm
Length (mm)780 mm
Height (mm)1270 mm
Wheel Diameter (mm)200 mm
Raw materialsHDPE
Capacity310 Kg