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  • Airport Ground Support Equipment

Airport Ground Support Equipment

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  • Established 1987
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As Gökser Makina, we are pleased to present airport ground support devices, especially the new generation ground support systems specially designed for Mobile ACU heating-cooling-ventilation and PCA Pre-Condition Air System needs of civil aircraft.

Mobile ACU systems serve mainly in 3 different capacities.

- In the first group; Small power Mobile ACU units are designed for small-body aircraft such as the ATR-72, A-319, B-737/400.

- The second group includes the Mobile ACU unit designed for medium-sized aircraft. Aircraft in this group are A-320, A-321, A-330, B-737/800.

- In the third group, a high capacity mobile ACU unit was designed for large-body aircraft. This device can also optionally have GPU capability and serves the B777, B-747, A340, A-380 aircraft.

These ground support devices can be in different units in the classical structure or in a compact structure which is designed together.

As Gökser design team, the necessary design works have been started in order to collect GPU systems together with Mobil ACU on a single chassis.

We look forward to meeting you with our high value-for-money systems for the ACU or ACU + GPU combo units you need.