• Automatic Garment Bagging and Packing Machine
  • Automatic Garment Bagging and Packing Machine

Automatic Garment Bagging and Packing Machine

YAC Japan
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  • Istanbul / Japan
  • Established 1973
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Japan's No1 Fully Automated  Bagging Machine With Input Conveyor (Interface Is Provided)

Two Models Are Available Based  Upon Productivity

High Tech Quality Slide Rail (Lm Guide) Are Used For The Fast, Quiet And Long Lasting Operation

Anti Static Capability For Plastic  Films Easy Floor Level Bag  (Plastic Roll) Replacement

Panasonic Control Computer  & Touchscreen Interface

Recommended Plastic Width Is  600 mm With PP, PE or HDPE.


Yac Japan Is A Manufacturer Of All Kind Of Automatic Ironing Machine, Automated Ironing Machine, Fully Automatic Shirt Ironing Machine, Automatic Jacket Ironing Machine, Automatic Clothes Bagging Machine, Automatic Clothes Packing Machine, Automatic Clothes Folding Machine, Clothes Packing Machine Known As The Fastest Machines In The Industry.


YAC Japan

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Ready Stock For Shipping Available On F.O.B. And C.I.F. Both Tokyo Port Japan,
Wooden Pallete And Wrapped With Card Board Box