• Autoset Polyester Putty Car Care Equipment
  • Autoset Polyester Putty Car Care Equipment

Autoset Polyester Putty Car Care Equipment

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  • Istanbul / Turkey
  • Established 1985
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Fields of Usage and Features:
PM11 Polyester Paste is successfully used for complete and repair applications at any paint systems.
Provided the cleaned surface has been made smooth, it may also be used on the metal and fiberglass surfaces, bare or previously painted.
It is a double component product, easy to apply with high fill power and especially easy to sand.
PM11 Polyester Paste does not form air gaps during application and does not show any traces of grinding at the joints and makes no bleeding on the vertical surfaces.
Application                   :
All application surfaces of PM11 Polyester Paste should be cleaned off any grease and rust and, if previously painted, it should be sanded before surface cleaning operation.
Polyester paste added by the hardening agent should be used within the specified working time. PM11 Polyester Paste should be applied in desired thickness by a steel scraper.
After it hardens, dry sanding should be performed by grinding paper No. 80-120. Before application of topcoat of the paint on PM11 Polyester Paste, always apply a prime.
Packaging                   : 950gr. e.