• Beyanlab Ultra High Purity Nitrogen Generator Hc Free
  • Beyanlab Ultra High Purity Nitrogen Generator Hc Free

Beyanlab Ultra High Purity Nitrogen Generator Hc Free

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    Product code: NITRO50L

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LEMAN-Instruments designed the NITRO50L product line of Ultra High Purity Nitrogen, to fit almost any type of application which needs independent supply of pure Nitrogen close to the consumer in an elegant casing with full color display and touchpad.
Compressed Air is first filtered from particulates down to 5μm and dried by a static dryer. Based on the field proven Pressure Swing Adsorbtion (PSA) technology, Nitrogen is extracted from a set of filters filled up with CMS. After the extracting process, N2 passes throughout a hot catalytic chamber (Option: Methan CH4 Scrubber) to remove the last traces of organic compounds, is then stored in a buffer and filtered of remaining particulates down to 0.1μm; finally output pressure is regulated electronically to the set value, between 0.5 and 5 bar.
Models with outflows of 200, 500 & 1000 Nml/min N2 are available.
Each instrument is equipped with high performance com-munication interfaces USB and Ethernet (Opt) to create a very flexible gas network with local or central control.
Due to the softwares being focused on safety, automatic regulation and intuitive and reliable communications, the NITRO50L is easy to install, reliable, safe and pleasant to operate.

 Makeup gas for GC, without organic compound trace.
 ICP, ELSD, CORONA, incubators
 Carrier gas for calibrators


 Reduces in operation costs. Return on investment within 15 months.
 Improves resolution and detection limit. Improves baseline stability.
 Nitrogen available 24/7 at constant purity. No contamination.
 Independent source of N2. Does not require any piping. Can be easily moved around the laboratory.
 Low noise < 55dB (A).
 Long life
 No handling, No storage, No cylinder rental fee.