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Bittox Anti-lice Spray is odorless.
Does not contain toxicant, pesticides or perfumed stuffs. 
Gives smoothness to the skin. 
Bittox Anti-lice Spray surrounds the head lice and strand like a capsule due to its content dimethicone, inhibits respiratory and excretory system of hair lice. 
Hair lice lose its life functions with a physical mechanism. 
Because of this physical mechanism, lice do not develop resistance to Bittox. 
Using Instructions 
How to Use: Before using for the first time, make sure to tighten the sprayer led to the bottle neck. Using the enclosed comb, search the entire 
hair for all family members and make sure to use Bittox Anti-lice Spray for every family member to avoid recurrent infestation. 
1. Apply Bittox Anti-lice Spray to non-wet dry hair. Apply to the entire hair and scalp using the enclosed comb to make sure that all lice and nets are surrounded with the solution. Focus more on areas closer to the scalp and behind ears where lice and nets found most. The amount of Bittox Anti-lice Spray usage depends on the thickness and length of the hair. 
2. After 15 minutes at least, comb the hair with the enclosed comb. Combing hair will be easier after applying Bittox Anti-lice Spray. The best way to comb is to divide the hair into portions and comb separately starting from scalp to the back of the hair. Bring each combed portion to the back and before starting the next hair portion, clean the comb with paper towels. 
3. Do not wash the hair from Bittox Anti-lice Spray. In order to kill the nets, it is advisable to leave the solution on the hair for 8 hours (overnight).
Nets (lice eggs) are white in color and glued to the hair axis like small little beads. They are not easy to remove. Accordingly, to make sure that they are dead, 8 hours exposure must be guaranteed.
4. Wash the hair with normal, non-conditioning shampoo. If traces of Bittox Anti-lice Spray are still there, it will be removed with the next hair wash.
5. Repeat the treatment after 8 to 10 days if necessary. Bittox Anti-lice Spray can be used several times if needed to get rid of any survival nets.