• Carpet Dust Remover - FLAP 3000
  • Carpet Dust Remover - FLAP 3000

Carpet Dust Remover - FLAP 3000

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  • Izmir / Turkey
  • Established 2013
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    FLAP 3000

WHISKING SYSTEM: Conveyor belt is placed on a reverse carpet; The carrying rollers carry the carpet under the beating roller, the carpets coming here are specially designed 4 rollers system, forging and whisking every point evenly, thus ensuring the complete removal of the foreign materials accumulated in the carpet from the carpet.

ROLLER BRUSH: In particular, the hairs that can remain on the carpet passing through the whipping station are completely removed from the carpet by means of a roller brush. Here, the preferred roller brush is specially designed and applied.

TAPE SYSTEM: The conveyor belt system that carries the carpet from front to back is designed and preferred to be used for many years. The most important feature is that it can work in two directions. It provides the opportunity to whisk again by pulling back the carpet which we think is not fully cleaned.

CARRIER BRUSH SYSTEM: Foreign substances such as dust, etc. accumulated in the machine chamber as a result of whisking and brushing are carried out by the brushes placed on the belt. This brushed belt system makes the machine more quiet and efficient.

VACUUM SYSTEM: Thanks to the vacuum unit, it provides the collection of foreign substances such as dust etc. accumulated in the machine chamber as a result of whisking and brushing. In particular, it is used for vacuuming and removing flying dust from the environment.

CONTROL BOARD: Thanks to the control panel placed on the machine, it is advantageous for the user to be easy to use and accessible. The electronic components used are selected for quality products that can be used for many years and will not cause any malfunction.

QUALITY: Quality management system is applied in each production stage and the machines are designed and manufactured in CE standards. The necessary certification and tests are made and the machines are made ready for use without compromising quality.

  Product Code :  3000
  Number of Beaters :  1X4
  Width :  3700mm
  Length :  1400mm
  Height :  1300mm
  Weight :  630kg
  Power Engine :  2,6 kw
  Material :  Painted Steel
  Voltage :  380V
  Daily Capacity :  2500m²
  Control :  Automatic
  Warranty :  1 year