• Carpet Vacuum Cleaner - TESLA 3000
  • Carpet Vacuum Cleaner - TESLA 3000

Carpet Vacuum Cleaner - TESLA 3000

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  • Izmir / Turkey
  • Established 2013
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    TESLA 3000

BRUSHING: In our machine, carpet pile combing and carpet, hair, feathers, dust and similar foreign materials are removed from the carpet to be cleaned and specially designed brushes are used. These brushes, which are produced by our group company Hilal Fırça, designed and produced as a result of our knowledge, experience and experience in the sector for many years, are working at high speed and removing all foreign materials in the carpet and pushing them to the vacuum nozzles.

VACUUM: Foreign materials removed by brushes are vacuumed with special vacuum nozzles and sent to dust container. If a good vacuum is not used in the machine, the operation of the brushes is inconclusive. An effective result should be obtained by selecting the vacuum system at the right speed and power.

SUB BRUSHING: The cleaning of the carpets, whose front faces are cleaned by means of brush and vacuum, and the removal of hair and similar foreign materials that may stick to the back side, are done with the bottom cleaning brushes. This ensures complete and efficient cleaning.

SPEED CONTROL: Thanks to the speed control in the conveyor belt and brushing group, effective and efficient cleaning is provided in all carpets. The duration and effect of the brushing and vacuuming process can be determined by the user according to the type and characteristics of the carpets. Speed ​​is under control and you determine performance.

TAPE SYSTEM: The conveyor belts, which we call carpet transport system, ensure that the carpet is transported without being damaged. It is very important that these lines, which we use as modular and segmented, can be changed easily.

PRESSURE SYSTEM: In order to ensure effective cleaning and vacuuming in all carpets of our brushing group, a specially designed elevator system is used. The advantage of this system is that it can move the system up and down in millimeters. In this way, all types of carpets from the thinnest carpet to the thickest, all points are evenly contacted to ensure a complete cleaning.

CONTROL BOARD: The fact that the control panel placed in front of the machine is accessible and the possibility of controlling the whole system presents a great advantage for the user. In particular, the print settings on the panel and controllable state contribute to effective and efficient cleaning.

DESIGN: Toured many cities in Turkey, hundreds of carpet cleaning business owners have tried to identify the needs of the sector by establishing a dialogue. As a result of the feedback and recommendations we received, it was a common decision by all sector representatives that the carpet had to be subjected to an effective sweeping process for the last time before packaging. As Euromak, we made our R & D in this field and started to use the first prototype in our own facility. As a result of our experiences and researches we have produced over time, we have produced the most effective and efficient industrial vacuum cleaner and offered it to the service of the sector.

  Product Code :  3000
  Width :  3500 mm
  Length :  2100 mm
  Height :  1900 mm
  Weight :  1500kg
  Engine Power :  8,5 kw
  Material :  Painted Steel
  Voltage :  380 V
  Vacuum :  4000 m3   
  Dust Capacity :  20 lt   
  Daily Capacity :  2000m²
  Control :  Automatic
  Warranty :  1 year