• Carpet Washer - Hulk Series
  • Carpet Washer - Hulk Series

Carpet Washer - Hulk Series

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DISC BRUSH : 16 pieces Ø460mm circular brush provides deep cleaning of the carpet fibers by moving left and right. Disc brushes can be adjusted from the control panel. Thanks to the detergent supplied through the disc brush, the detergent is reached to the bottom of the carpet fibers. It is provided to soften and remove carpet dirt by rubbing system.

ROLLER BRUSH : The disc brushes ensure that the dirt that is softened by the brushes is completely removed from the carpet by the roller brush scanning system. The rinsing process is partially completed by the water supplied by the brush.

RAKE BRUSH : Dirt and debris, which are softened and removed by disc brush and roller brush, are free of dirt and pile in the transverse movement of the carpet. The gel is rinsed completely with pressurized water depending on the brush’s system.

BOTTOM WASHING BRUSH: During the winding of the carpet which has been completed, the speed controlled bottom washing brush can be brushed from the bristle, pile and dirt.

RINSE SYSTEM : The machine is completely free of carpets, detergents and dirt by rinsing water from three points. The washing process is thus completed.

PLC CONTROL : The machine is computer controlled and you can control the entire system with your fingertips thanks to the touch screen. The machine can see errors on the computer screen and you can intervene instantly.

MANUEL CONTROL : Thanks to the buttons on the panel, it is easy to use and economical. Easy to obtain parts is a great advantage and is designed to minimize job loss.

CONVEYOR BELT SYSTEM : According to the carpet size and dimensions, the conveyor belt dimensions may vary. Bandwidth can be adjusted according to customer demands.

SPEED CONTROL : 3-axis speed control option provides the advantage of washing all types of carpets. Thanks to the speed control system of the washing groups of the machine, job loss is minimized. Speed ​​control is one of the most important factors affecting washing quality.

CARPET PRESSURE SETTING : According to the thickness of the carpets to be washed in the machine according to the carpet system can be set to print.


  Product Code :  2300-2600-3000-3500-4200
  Disc Brush Number :  16 pieces
  Width :  3300-3600-4000-4500-5200 mm
  Length :  5260 mm
  Height :  1950 mm
  Engine Power :  31,8-31,8-31,8-31,8-34 kw
  Weight :  2200-2500-3000-3450-3900 kg
  Bant Width :  2300-2600-3000-3500-4200 mm   
  Belt Speed :  Speed control is adjustable.
  Max. Carpet Width :  2200-2500-2900-3400-4100 mm
  Control Panel :  PLC or manual
  Material :  Galvanized
  Movement System :  Speed controlled PLC
  Vacuum :  None
  Power Consumption :  31,8-31,8-31,8-31,8-34 kw/hour
  Evacuation Channel :  Exist
  Control :  Automatic
  Daily Capacity :  2000 m²
  Disc Brush :  Ø430 mm (Inclined Stuffing)
  Roller Brush :  Ø260 mm
  Rake Brush :  Ø280 mm
  Sub Washing Brush :  Ø200 mm
  Speed :  0,5m/ min.-1m/min.
  Warranty :  2 Years