• Carpet Washer - Manual
  • Carpet Washer - Manual

Carpet Washer - Manual

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MATERIAL SELECTION: One of the most important points to be considered in the selection of materials in hand brushing machine should be chosen sheet and profile of suitable thickness for good adjustment of machine weight. Since a light machine will be ineffective in applying pressure to the carpet, the brushing process will not be complete and the washing quality will remain low. As Euromak, we pay attention to the most appropriate material selection.

BRUSH SELECTION: In this machine, the brush diameter should be selected larger. Because; time and labor costs are important because the brushing is done manually, the larger the brush diameter, the lower these costs will be. There should also be 2 types of brushes (soft and hard) to brush each carpet. Brush quality is a factor affecting washing quality, quality brush should be selected.

ENGINE AND SPEED: Engine and speed; labor and time costs. The engine must be powerful and the revs high so that more work can be done in less time. If large diameter is preferred in brush selection, motor and speed should be appropriate for it.

CONTROL BOARD: Thanks to the control panel placed on the machine, it is advantageous for the user to be easy to use and accessible. The electronic components used are selected for quality products that can be used for many years and will not cause any malfunction. It can be operated in both directions and provides a longer brush life.

QUALITY: Quality management system is applied in each production stage and the machines are designed and manufactured in CE standards. The necessary certification and tests are made and the machines are made ready for use without compromising quality.




  Product Code :  SWAN
  Material :  Stainless Steel
  Height :  1250 mm
  Engine Power :  1,1 kw
  Weight :  45,5 kg
  Energy Input :  1,1 kW/hour
  Cable Length :  10 m
  Warranty :  1 year