• Carpet Washer - Titan Series
  • Carpet Washer - Titan Series

Carpet Washer - Titan Series

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  • Izmir / Turkey
  • Established 2013
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DISK BRUSH: 16 pieces Ø460mm circular brushes allow deep cleaning of carpet fibers, by moving right and left. Brush pressure can be adjusted, as desired, from the control panel. The detergent penetrates to the base of the carpet fibers, by supply detergents through brushes. The dirt of the carpet is removed, by softening with the aid of a cleaning system.

ROLLER BRUSH: The dirt that softened the disk brushes is completely removed, by the screening system of the cylinder brushes. The rinsing process is partially completed, by using water supplied through brushes.

RAKE BRUSH: Cleaning system with lateral movement of rake brushes completely removes dirt, which has been mitigated and separated by disk and cylinder brushes.

BOTTOM WASHING BRUSH: After cleaning is complete, cleaning of the back surface of the carpet occurs in the process of rolling down the carpet.

RINSE SYSTEM: The carpet is completely cleaned of detergents and dirt, by a three-point water rinse system. In this way the washing process is complete.

PLC CONTROL: The machine is controlled by a computer with a touch screen. If an error occurred, you can see it on the screen and fix it.

MANUAL CONTROL: The machine is equipped with a manual control panel with buttons switch on/off.

CONVEYOR BELT SYSTEM: The size of the conveyor belt may vary in accordance, with the size of the carpet.

SPEED CONTROL: Control option on three speed axes makes it possible to clean carpets of all kinds. Speed control capability is the most important characteristic of good quality.

CARPET PRESSURE SETTING: The degree of pressure on the carpet is regulated in the machine, depending on the thickness of the carpet.


  Product Code :  2300-2600-3000-3500-4200
  Disc Brush Number:  16 pieces
  Width :  3300-3600-4000-4500-5200 mm
  Length :  5260 mm
  Height :  1950 mm
  Engine Power :  31,8-31,8-31,8-31,8-34 kw
  Weight :  2200-2500-3000-3450-3900 kg
  Bant Width :  2300-2600-3000-3500-4200 mm   
  Belt Speed :  Speed control is adjustable.
  Max. Carpet Width :  2200-2500-2900-3400-4100 mm
  Control Panel :  PLC or manual
  Material :  Stainless Steel
  Movement System :  Speed controlled PLC
  Vacuum :  None
  Power Consumption :  31,8-31,8-31,8-31,8-34 kw/hour
  Evacuation Channel :  Exist
  Usage :  Automatic
  Daily Capacity :  2000 m²
  Disc Brush :  Ø430 mm (Inclined Stuffing)
  Roller Brush :  Ø260 mm
  Rake Brush :  Ø280 mm
  Sub Washing Brush :  Ø200 mm
  Speed :  0,5m/min.-1m/min.
  Warranty :  2 Years