• Centrifuge - SPIN 1400RM
  • Centrifuge - SPIN 1400RM

Centrifuge - SPIN 1400RM

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  • Izmir / Turkey
  • Established 2013
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    SPIN 1400RM

MATERIAL SELECTION: Our engineers, who design the machine, examine every detail from the material feature, thickness and weight required to be used in accordance with the purpose and make the selection accordingly. When selecting bearings and bearings, the operating hours are carefully selected until they reach the turning speeds, diameters and lubrication system.

SUSPENSION SYSTEM: Although the whole system is designed as unbalanced during the manufacturing process, airbag (shock absorber) system is used to prevent the vibration that may occur during the take-off and stop of the machine due to many factors such as type, thickness, length, width, etc. of the carpets which are squeezed. It is one of the most important parts affecting machine life.

COVER SYSTEM: The most sensitive part of the crimping machines is without a doubt the cover system. The machine can work smoothly for many years thanks to the correctly constructed cover system. As a company, we have minimized this problem with our R & D and innovation studies.

CONTROL BOARD: Thanks to the control panel placed on the panel, it is advantageous for the user to be easy to use and accessible. The electronic components used are selected for quality products that can be used for many years and will not cause any malfunction. Thanks to the time relay, the clamping machine stops automatically during the set time.

SPEED CONTROL: Optional speed control system adapted to the machine panel; The machine prevents the rapid wear of many parts of the machine as a result of slow to fast, fast to slow operation during take-off and stops. This extends the machine life.

SPIN AND SPEED: The carpets placed in the spin direction according to the direction of rotation are operated at the most appropriate speed and water is thrown out by the centrifugal method. On average, around 10% moisture remains in a carpet that is squeezed at the appropriate speed. The most important point to be considered here is to determine the rotation speed which will make good clamping and not wear down the machine. This is an issue for working parts.

QUALITY: Quality management system is applied in each production stage and the machines are designed and manufactured in CE standards. The necessary certification and tests are made and the machines are made ready for use without compromising quality.

  Product Code :  1400RM
  Inner Drum :  Stainless Steel
  Drum Diameter :  Ø470mm
  Outer Drum :  Galvanized and Painted
  Width :  1100mm
  Length :  2150mm
  Height :  1480mm
  Weight :  350kg
  Engine Power :  4 kw
  Spin Speed :  1100 rpm
  Electricity Consumption :  4 kw
  Cover System :  Manual
  Daily Capacity :  1500m²
  Control :  Automatic
  Warranty :  1 Year