• Children's Cribs Lara Cream French Lacy Ribbon Natural Mother Side Cradle
  • Children's Cribs Lara Cream French Lacy Ribbon Natural Mother Side Cradle

Children's Cribs Lara Cream French Lacy Ribbon Natural Mother Side Cradle

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  • Izmir / Turkey
  • Established 1991
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- This crib model named Lara is made of laminated beech wood.

- Does not include paint and polish.

- 60 x 90 cm

- There is an adjustable bed level in the cribs of infant mothers > 41 cm > 51 cm > 61 cm

- Small differences in dimensions are rounded to close values.

- The most important feature of the product is that the front railing of the cribs can be easily removed and used.

- The baby cradle is suitable for use between 0-24 months in newborn babies, as well as the baby cradle .

- Ensures that babies can sleep safely and comfortably with their parents after birth, when babies need intensive care.

- Bearing Rocking Mechanism is available.

- Fixing feature is available.

- Easy installation thanks to the De-Monte feature. It can be easily dismantled and moved from place to place.

- A person can easily install the cradle for a short time.

- Crib, Bed, Sleep Set, Mosquito Net Set are included in the price .

- Bebekforfor cradles are extremely durable and healthy.

- Thanks to the mosquito net in the baby cribs your baby flies, bees, etc. protected from flying pests.

- The carrying capacity of the product is 15 kg.

Parts Shipped for Cradle Installation

- 2 Piece Front Protection Parts

- 2 Piece Side Protection Parts

- 1 Bed Base

- Mosquito Net Apparatus

- Sufficient number of screws

What's in the Sleep Set

- Bed (Sheathed)

- Quilt

- Tulle Mosquito Net

- 1 Side Protection (Wrap Around)

- Pillow and 2 Bow

You can easily clean the Sleep Set in the washing machine at 30 degrees, without delicate washing, without having to spin.

 Tulle Mosquito net is only enough to immerse in soapy water.

 Drying should be done in a flat area without hanging.

Product Installation

Product Production

The production of Bebekonfor baby cribs and sleeping bags is produced by our production department. It is healthy, reliable and comfortable for your baby.

Shipping - Shipping

- KARGO from ARAMAZ before delivery, so we recommend you to follow the status of your shipment by entering your shipping tracking number on the cargo tracking link.

- If your packages are not reached once, your shipment will be kept at the nearest CARGO branch for 3 days in order to receive your shipment.

- SHIPPING does not come to your address for the second time. If you are not at the address after receiving the message, you can get your cargo from the relevant cargo branch within 2 days.

- Our cargoes are sent by free shipping.

Return Policy

- If you have a problem with your purchased product that cannot be solved by the technical support or sales staff, you can request a return product. As a first step please fill out the product return form.

- This form must be fully completed. It will be answered as soon as possible.

- Send back with original package. Damaged products with inadequate packaging can result in negative product return requests. Please use the outer protective case to prevent damage during transport.

- You can contact our team via Whatsapp at (0532 177 57 21), (0532 587 75 79) or the message section on our website www.bebekonfor.com .