• Cleaning Machines Battery Chargers
  • Cleaning Machines Battery Chargers

Cleaning Machines Battery Chargers

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The cleaning machines are microprocessor controlled, produced specially for battery charger rectifier sector and voltage and current values ​​are adjusted automatically. GPC-W series rectifiers have extremely fast regulation and the battery is not affected by voltage fluctuations in the network.

It has wide usage area by charging all battery types. Thanks to its small modular housing, it is the ideal solution for tight spaces.

Thanks to its charging technology, it ensures that the batteries of the cleaning machines used continuously are used at full capacity.

How to make rectifier selection: 10-15% of the battery used should be selected based on the rectifier selection should be 12 volt 100 ampere If we think that a battery charger for this battery 12 volt 10-15 ampere should be a rectifier.

Single-Phase and Three-Phase Rectifiers:

Input voltage: 220 VAC 1 Phase / 380VAC 3 Phase

Output voltage: 12/24/36/48/80/110/220 Volts DC.

Output ampere: 15/30/50/80/100/200 A.

Operation: Microprocessor controlled

Yield: 90%

Cooling: Air cooled (with fan)

Control type: Led diagram or LCD Display