• CNC Corner Cleaning Machine CNC-6006
  • CNC Corner Cleaning Machine CNC-6006

CNC Corner Cleaning Machine CNC-6006

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  • Izmir / Turkey
  • Established 1989
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CNC Corner Cleaning Machine    

    Pvc profile frames, corner welding process due to melting of the inner and outer corners, burrs and clean the top and bottom surfaces with high precision and high speed automatically.2-axis, servo-controlled.Has the ability to connect to the source line.8-hour work period, has a capacity of 320 frame processing.A total of 11 available cleaning kit. Transactions with these teams;Cleaning the top and bottom surfaces for white profilesCleaning the top and bottom surfaces coated profilesCleaning the deposits in the inner and outer sealSlat beds, cleaningRadius corners and cleaning surfacesCleaning the outside corners with a sawBlade profiles are available for the special surface coating.Profiles allows automatic. So the operator does not need to profile selection.Pc controlled. Operating system Windows.Pc of control technology is simple and fast data transfer (with usb memory stick, cable, cd, wireless connection via Ethernet, by e-mail, etc.)Technician programs without the need for a new profile with the ability to remotely control the machine can be easily installed.Unlimited number of different profiles can be processed.Ease of use LCD control screen provides the operator with 19.Long life due to an automatic lubrication system.Pc remote service control technology available.Machine animation software is available. The program provides a preview.Thanks to its unique software is very simple to use and program.Profiles comfortable table to rotate the brush system.


CNC-6006T processor can be connected to the rotation.