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The container is the section that is used as bedding for the billet where the aluminium goes into press in extrusion press. The container must preserve the heat of billet and its own during the process
of press. The hot work tool steel that is durable to the heat transaction arising during the process must be preferred. The material of container must have high-toughness and must be durable to thermal shocks. Feeding the characteristic feature of the material through the proper heat tracing method positively influences the life of both the container and the liner. The toughness of the used steel increases its ability of bedding which delays the possible bloating of liner. If the container material does its duty of bearing, it delays the factors that influence the life of the liner (bloating-become bloated). The heating method and heat control is as important as container steel selection. Scrutinizing details and applying optimum methods results in the expansion of life-span of the container and the liner which is not a coincidence. When the container is being heated, it mustn’t be exposed to thermal shocks. It must primarily be preferred that the heating should be made with PLC control system. Sudden heat increases and cooling downs may cause the hairline cracks. It is especially possible to observe this issue in critical mechanical sections of the container and diameter passages. Therefore, it is an essential preference to heat and cool down the container in a control manner.