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The influence of external heating on the steel is known today. Heating that is made from outside to the inside causes unrepairable damages on the container. The heat difference that occur especially on the outer and inner sections of the container mantle cause the influence of heat treating to decrease and the hairline cracks to occur on the surface. Over-energy that is consumed to keep the liner at the desired heat for the externally heated containers independently poses a problem as well. When we consider that we separated the container into two main sections (fair average)as front (Die side) and rear (Stem side) and separated these two sections into another two sections as upper and lower, it is obvious that the container has four heat sections that must be controlled. We see that the front section heat where the billet is in press is always high. At the same time, it is possible to see heat accumulations on the upper part as well, namely high temperatures. Therefore, four sections of the container must be checked separately for homogeneous temperature. It is a must to check these four sections separately after the container reaches the operating temperature. Thus, the temperature differences emerging among these sections and energy consumption will be eliminated. The heating method in question is provided by cartridge heaters that are placed into the container mantle. One of the most important reasons for the preference of resistance is the fact that it is easy to maintain and it can be parallel connected