• Curtain-Side Semi Trailer
  • Curtain-Side Semi Trailer

Curtain-Side Semi Trailer

  • Verified
  • Konya / Turkey
  • Established 2006
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    urtain-Side Semi Trailer Technical Properties


Produced by gas welding machines from  high resistance steel ST52 materials as *I* section in resistance calculation excessive loading has been considered with robotic welding machine.

King Pin:

Produced with wrought iron (42 cr Mo4).That’s high resistance to tension and breaking off compliance with 2’’ SAE/DIN and 3,5 ‘’ SAE /DIN norms and provides easy replacement possibility with screw connections. 


3 X 11000 kg carrying capacity automatic brake adjustment lever and compliance with European standards. Off drum brake systems.

Brake System:

Designed according into the European standards are used on equipped with automatic brake adjustment brake chambers (30 cylinder), Brake Disk (394x210 mm) axle brakes. There are two pieces of replicable protective brake sockets.

Rear Axles 30x30 Service emergency bellows.


 Suspension Systems:                                                

According to costumer request “Lider” brand mechanical suspension or air suspension system. 


They are “Lider” brand with double revolutions mechanic pillars with 24 tons carriying capacity.

Floor Covering : 

Wheel and Rim:                                         

Electric System:                                        

Roof system :                                              

Curtain :                                                        

Hooked Tarpaulin :                                  

Front Board :                                              

Side Protectors:                                        

Door System :                                             

Water Tank :                                                

Rear Buffer :                                                        


Standart accosseries:                            


 In the shape of 3*4 mm diamond type wooden gril.

6 Units tubeless tyres in 385/65 R 22,5 size Goodyear or Pirelli brand.

24 Volt electric system in accordance to EU regulations.

Roof system formed of 21 parallel Aluminum straps-customs declared type has 22  straps Top and each side curtain can be open with EU standart systems.

Provided with a tarpaulin woven at 9*9 grade, weighing 680 g/m2, having fracture strength of 3500 N/S and 350 N tearing resistance. Woven at 12*12 grade and weighing 900 g/square meter.

Provided with Stell embedded with 5 mm thick anti-deforming ply wood.

Fitted with robust cyclist preventing bars that have been made of high strength materials and that comply with 70/ 156 EEC standards.

4-5 door options.
Provided with a 60 liter stainless steel water tank.

Manufactured and tested rear buffer that complies with 70/221/ AT Standards.

Standard Curtain siders are provided with tool box having.

Trailer clean before painting and repair with paste for smooth face. Then prime paint and double last paint regarding customer reguest in Paint Oven.

2-Single basket spare Wheel carrier producted with aliminium
3-1 piece of fire extungisher cabinet
4-1 piece of tool cabinet
5-Stanless steel water tank
6-1 piece wege
7-Bike fences