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  • Karaman / Turkey
  • Established 2009
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Sigma Dough Mixer / Sigma Arm Mixer
Biscuit Horizontal Dough mixer
Biscuit Dough and Biscuit Cream is used in preparing the machine
Mixer with sigma-shaped mixing arms supplied in a wide range
Mixer capacities, from 100 to 2000 litres,
The equipment is used for dough mixing.
The equipment is used for Biscuit dough / Biscuit Cream / Bubble Gum mixing.
Designed for normal and also for heavy duties which require increased power inputs and structural solidity of the machine.
After the kneading, rolling and folding process, Dough has a smooth surface with good elasticity, toughness and extensibility.
Double cradle mixing bowl complete with jacket for circulation of the product heating water.
The mixing is carried out inside the bowl by sigma-shaped mixing arms, counter rotating at different speed, which are well known for their mixing efficiency and cutting performance of the mixed material, for the excellent and rapid dispersion and mixing of all raw materials loaded This is sytem manually or automatically.
The bowl tilting for product unloading and for manual loading of the raw material is achieved by one or more hydraulic cylinders.
As option, it can be manufactured of fixed type fitted with inlets ducts for automatic ingredient loading.
Custom lift system can be adapted as in the photos for loading and unloading if desired
The cover can be hinged, counterbalanced and dustproof. And Auotmatic open / close system
Mixer the control panel can be installed on the mixer or on the electrical cabinet and can be provided with push-buttons or with touch-screen terminal and PLC.
Special attention has been paid to the safety of the operators during design.