• Dpf Particulate Cleaning Machine With Cabin
  • Dpf Particulate Cleaning Machine With Cabin

Dpf Particulate Cleaning Machine With Cabin

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  • Istanbul / Turkey
  • Established 2006
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Our product has been designed to clean clogged diesel particulate filter, catalytic convertor and all types of filters that are embedded in especially diesel cars with hot agent.

It comprises to stages as hot and cold. Sufficient amount of agent is added into the water, the temperature of which is risen to 85 centigrade within 20 minutes inside the water reservoir with resistance of 4500 Watt. The hot agent that is absorbed by use of an engine is passes through pipes and particulate filter and, at the same time, particulate filter is subjected to stroking as much as the water flow. The agent-containing water that comes out of the particulate filter is passed through filter and reaches the water reservoir. This operation continues until the cleaning is completed.

After the cleaning is completed, the water that is connected from city water supply network to the machine is passed through same route and is poured into the cold water reservoir for the purpose of rinsing and it is thrown out from evacuation part of the reservoir. After such operations, drying operation is performed over the machine with a compressor to dry micro pores that are inside the particulate filter.

The particulate filter holder that is on the upper part of the machine has been constructed with a pneumatic system and has been designed in a way to fully grasp the particulate filter by use of a foot switch.

Our product is guaranteed for 1 years.



Width 90 cm

Depth 75 cm

Height 65 cm

Installed Height of the Machine 200 cm

Weight 110 kg

Operating Voltage 220 V

Motor Power 1.5 Hp


Technical Specifications

* Fully Stainless Internal Connectors

* Stainless 14 Lt. Water Reservoir

* Heat Resistance with 4800 Watt Reserve

* User-Friendly Pneumatic Particulate Filter Holder

* Moving to the Right, Left, Up and Down

* Adjustable Conditioner Air Inlet

* Pneumatic Mechanical Protective Cage