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Dummy Block and Thrust Washers are press elements that may transform during extrusion. Dummy Block can both be produced from two main parts and from three main parts. Working principle of Dummy Block; Dummy Block smoothly realizes the press through elastic transformation that occurs under pressure within its moving part(ring). For two or three piece dummy blocks, the material that is desired to expand during press must contain both toughness and elasticity features. Cap/Ring Material: There are Si and Mn within the alloy of the material, the former increases its elasticity while the latter increases its ability to lengthen %, therefore causes the dummy block cap, which opens when the dummy block goes into press, to return to its first dimension without plastic deforming after press.
Other parts can be produced from 1.2344 steel. Three-piece dummy block has low revision costs. A new dummy block can be achieved only by producing a new one instead of the material that is corroded, broken or damaged. Dummy blocks must be maintained after a formerly specified usage period (3500-4000 press) and its measurement checks must be carried out periodically.