• Electric Folded Flour and Cake Oven
  • Electric Folded Flour and Cake Oven

Electric Folded Flour and Cake Oven

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  • Konya / Turkey
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Sahin Makina Electric Folded One of the most basic features of Oven each floor they can operate independently of each other. The floors inside the oven each one is stone paved, so that the heat It spreads. Top and bottom floors of the floors with steam time according to user's request individually adjustable. In this way, different products can be cooked on each floor. Cooking temperature and humidity at the bottom of the furnace for fermentation before operation There is a adjustable fermentation chamber.
Single layer can be used and modular according to user's request, fume hood and fermentation cabinet can be added. Made of high quality insulation heat insulation is reduced to a minimum and thus energy saving is provided. Wheels at the bottom of the machine it can be easily transported to the desired location. Easy to disassemble The parts are easy to install, maintain and clean.