• ENMA 600 BARRACUDA Boats
  • ENMA 600 BARRACUDA Boats


  • Verified
  • Mugla / Turkey
  • Established 1996
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    It allows deep-sea fishing and also shore excursions by means of high board structure, wide-angle prow “V” and well-built structure being the standard features of Barracuda series and it has a very strong structure owing to the polyester keel system used in only ENMA Boats. 


 WIDTH : 2,40 mt  LENGTH : 6,00 mt  WEIGHT : 915 Kg  ENGINE : 100 Hp - 200 Hp

Intense water leak to the dock caused by high waves in deep-sea and in intense rain being the fear of many boat and seamen helps only cleaning the dock at BARRACUDA 600 by means of self-drain system.

600 BARRACUDA having an elegant and wide cabinet being 130 cm in height offers a good shelter for minor solutions to the operators by this cabinet. Moreover it has sitting area for 7-8 persons and allows quite wide movement area in the boat and since the steering console is in the middle, intervention to the outside from both sides of the boat is easy and it is one of the required specifications for a good boat. 

Standard Accessories
5-star ultra-violet additive Marine Enma white Gel code, steering console, cabinet in the console, folding cabinet door, door stopper, chrome console rail, plexy glass window, double Captain’s seat, mobile double-sided back rest, store under the seat, wide store under the back seat, UV additive import Marine furniture group resistant to sun light and salty water, prow cabinet, cabinet doors (complete with hinges), 2 pieces plastic handles, dual outlet Flash drain system (the system draining the water accumulated in the deck to the sea notwithstanding the bilge), 2 pieces glass holders, 3 pieces chrome U beckets, 4 pieces chrome deck cleat, navigation lights, chrome stairs with platform (folding type 3-step), aluminum side molding, three-layer hull structure, polyester keel system, white hull color, hull stickers, bilge pump, fuse panel, battery holder, bilge vent, small tube, prow drum, anchor holder, electrical wiring, horn, 120 l base fuel tank, fuel float and indicator, indicator panel, chain water discharge, tank ventilation, chrome fuel filling inlet, chrome deck rail, 1 piece intervention cover, non-slip wet floor structure

Optional accessories

Hull Gel code color (Bordeaux, navy blue, earth), canvass for winter, sunshade, trailer, anchor, anchor rope, chain, ski bar, music system, 2 pieces Marine loudspeakers, battery, 40 l fresh water shower system, electrical capstan, basin set, LPG oven, portapoty toilet, LED floor lighting, 12 V lighter output, Bolt switch, Fish finder, GPS, map card, prow inter sunbathing cushion, console covering canvass, chrome T-top, door locks, table, chrome-look indicator, fishing rod holder.