• Final Proofing Chambers
  • Final Proofing Chambers

Final Proofing Chambers

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  • Istanbul / Turkey
  • Established 1962
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Final fermentation process ensures that bread dough reaches ideal volume and pore structure before baking process. This stage ensures optimum fermentation conditions, and eliminates defects such as drying, thick bread crust, and slash failure.  Final Proofing Units are intended to ensure required temperature and humidity conditions for ensuring maturing of dough before baking. Fermentation process is performed with the aid of tray / proofing board trolleys, in semi-automatic installations, in Final Proofing Chamber. Final Proofing Tunnel, on the other hand, is developed for use in fully-automatic facilities. 

Final Proofing Chamber consists of a main duct at top containing axial fan, heater and steam sprinkler pipes; distribution channels installed vertically from top to bottom on walls of chamber; and insulation panels. Conditioned air blown into the chamber from the left channels is suctioned by channels located on the counter side, and circulated back into the chamber. This process continues until desired environment temperature and humidity levels are achieved. Once the desired levels are achieved, the system pauses automatically. Temperature and humidity levels are controlled by temperature and humidity control devices. Steam condensed inside blowing channels during operation is collected in and discharged by channels installed on side parts of the chamber. There are also stainless steel barriers on lower sides of chamber in order to ensure that proofing board trolleys do not hit lateral blowing channels during alignment of proofing board trolleys inside the chamber.