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Final Proofing Tunnels

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  • Istanbul / Turkey
  • Established 1962
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Özköseoglu Final Proofing Tunnel is developed for fully-automatic tunnel oven installations. The system which operates synchronously with the tunnel bread ovens is scaled effectively according to product varieties and fermentation times. Özköseoğlu successfully implements multi-deck proofing tunnels with fully-automatic elevator system along with single deck fermentation systems.
The final proofing tunnel consists of an air conditioner station placed on top of cabinet; a main duct with fan, heater, air inlet damper which can be automatically adjusted by servomotor, and steam sprinkler pipes; distribution channels installed horizontally from ceiling to bottom of chamber; and insulation panels.

During operation, air blown inside the chamber from the front part is suctioned by interior channels and then circulated back into the chamber.  This process continues until desired environment temperature and humidity levels are achieved. Once the desired levels are achieved, the system pauses automatically. Temperature and humidity levels are controlled by temperature and humidity control devices. Steam condensed inside channels during operation is discharged into the waste water system located out of the chamber through the collection hole located in the middle of air blowing and suction channels.

Final proofing tunnel with an average length of 45 to 60 meters depending on fermentation time alternatively features multi-deck systems in order to ensure more effective use of space in facility, and reach higher fermentation capacities. This system enables a fully-automatic system with same size as any other standard fermentation chamber.   

In the system, products coming from automatic dough placement machine enter into proofing tunnel with the help of an elevator. Products which are placed on conveyor belts which span 2 to 6 meters depending on requirements are conditioned by temperature and humidity for ensuring fermentation of products, and then regularly transferred into tunnel oven with the help of PLC controlled elevator system and intermediate transfer table.