• Fish Meal or Fish Flour
  • Fish Meal or Fish Flour

Fish Meal or Fish Flour

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Fish meal is a source of amino acids and vitamins with very high protein content, produced from fresh marine fish or untreated fish waste. In the past, fish flour, used as fertilizer in Great Britain and Japan, was also used for the first feeding of animals due to its high nutritional value. Fish meal is mainly used in aquaculture, poultry and pig breeding.

Fish meal is obtained by drying and milling all fish or fish residues that are clean, intact, oil extracted or not. The water content of fish meal should not exceed 10% and the salt content should not exceed 7%.

It uses only fresh anchovies to make fish meal. Fresh anchovy is dried with steam and passed through the mill, and after it has been degreased, it is made ready for use as fish meal with high protein values. Due to its rich nutrient content, it is the most important raw material of livestock, poultry and fish feed rations and is mainly used in the feed industry. The importance of fish meal has been understood all over the world and there has been a 400% increase in fish meal production in the last 25 years.

It is known that fish flour and fish oil produced from anchovy, which is the national fish of the Black Sea Region, are the richest protein foods of the world, and that the flour and fats whose raw material is anchovy contain 7% more protein than fish flour and oils produced in other countries.