• FP 04.108 Workplace Health Care Products
  • FP 04.108 Workplace Health Care Products

FP 04.108 Workplace Health Care Products

  • Verified
  • Istanbul / Turkey
  • Established 1954
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Product description:

Product size: 45cm x 30cm x 10cm

It is produced for workshops, factories, construction sites, power plants, base stations, manufacturing and processing plants, offices and hotels.

Our company has ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality certificates.

First aid materials have CE and Biocidal certificates.

The body of the cabinet is made of durable ABS plastic and the transparent cover is made of SAN plastic.

     It has 7 shelves where you can put products of any size.

     It has a magnetic cover system that allows easy opening and closing in one move.

     Top and bottom opening handles are available.

     With its bright fluorescent orange color, it can be seen even in minimal light.

     Mounting bolts and dowels are inside the cabinet.

* Please secure the cabinet at 4 points.

* The “list of contents” should be kept to complement those used and those whose shelf life has expired.

Product Piece
Plaster 2,5cmx500cm CEone
Adhesive Bandage 1,9cmx7,2cm  CE20
Adhesive Bandage 2.5cmx7.2cmCE4
Sterile Adhesive Wound Pad 9cmx5cmCEone
Sterile Adhesive Wound Pad 10cmx9cm CEone
Sterile Adhesive Eye Pad 9,5cmx6,5cmCEone
Bandage 5cmx150cmCE2nd
Bandage 10cmx150cmCE2nd
Bandage 10cmx350cmCEone
Triangle Bandage 96cmx136cmx96cmCE2nd
Elastic Bandage 6cmx100cmCEone
Sterile Gas Compressor 30cmx40cmCE2nd
Sterile Gas Compressor 30cmx80cm CEone
Hydrophilic Cotton 50grCEone
Instant Cold CompressCEone
Protection Cover 150cmx200cm, silver colorCEone
Cleaning Wipes, non-alcoholic 2nd
Alcoholic Wipes 2nd
Monodose Antibacterial Solution 7ml BIOCIDAL5
Monodose Oxygen Water 7mlBIOCIDAL5
Disposable Gloves  CE2nd
Medical Tourniquet with compression-release switch one
Artificial Respirator one
Safety pin   12
Plastic Tweezers one
Oblique Bandage Shears, stainless steel 14cmCEone
Intervention Cover 39cmx27cm one
Waste Bag 2nd
First Aid Booklet one
Set Cabinet   one
* If a product cannot be supplied, another product of the same value is used.