• Gold Series Rotary Ovens
  • Gold Series Rotary Ovens

Gold Series Rotary Ovens

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  • Istanbul / Turkey
  • Established 1962
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With its half century experience in the sector, Özköseoğlu manufactured Turkey’s most economic Rotary Oven approved by TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), and providing unprecedented efficiency. These ovens feature state-of-the-art technology allowing you to experience top quality and tasty baking. Its high performance furnace allows excellent baking performance in addition to 30% LESS ENERGY CONSUMPTION. * Specially designed Özköseoğlu OZKOMIX burner and heat recovery system ensure generation of high amounts of steam in a short span of time. Its powerful steam system enables fast and powerful steam generation. These ovens will enable you to bake high quality products at low costs.

GOLD Series Ovens reach baking temperature in a short span of time thanks to their superior heating performance, and are designed such that they never cause performance compromises even in case of serial loading. With rear and side burner options, they perfectly fit any working environment. The new generation GOLD Series rotary rack bakery ovens are ideal for pastry shops, bakeries, restaurants, production facilities, and hotels, etc. where big production capacities are needed. They have special door insulation which prevents any steam leaks. GOLD Series Rotary Rack Bakery Ovens are practical and economic ovens equipped with an indirect heating, forced air circulation and steam system, providing best baking conditions for bakery products.