• Heat Pump - i-HP
  • Heat Pump - i-HP

Heat Pump - i-HP

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  • Konya / Turkey
  • Established 2000
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    The series i-HP reaches high values of SEER and SCOP thanks to DC inverter scroll compressors, the EC fan exchangers and high efficiency. DC Inverter compressor can save till 25% of power input.The installation inside the unit of high efficiency DC inverter scroll compressors optimized for working under heavy conditions as a heat pump and to use of an economizer, allows to obtain a high level of comfort in low-energy consumes rooms even during the coldest season (until a temperature of -25°).The injectiont echnology involves injecting the refrigerant, in the vapour status, in the middle of the compression process to implement significantly the capacity and efficiency of the compressor improve the performances of this system compared to all conventional gas compression technologies.With this kind of unit it is possible to produce hot water up to 60°C even with very low outside temperatures. The heat pumps are particularly suitable to be combined with radiating panels heating systems or for applications where a top efficiency heating mode is needed.

  12501350250F 250260270
(1) Cooling capacitykW30,65 (33,5*)36,37 (39,3*)49,32 (51,8*)49,32 (51,8*)57,14 (60,6*)70,76 (72,2*)
(1) Power inputkW6,628,9112,0612,0617,0718,62
(1) E.E.R.W/W4,634,084,094,094,063,8
(2) Cooling capacitykW21,15 (23,1*)27,04 (29,1*)36,36 (38,3*)36,36 (38,3*)42,97 (45,6*)53,40 (55,0*)
(2) Power inputkW6,358,9612,4512,4513,7517,25
(2) E.E.R.W/W3,333,022,922,923,123,1
(2) SEERW/W3,984,003,954,034,164,05
(8) ESEERW/W5,345,324,985,046,075,37
(3) Heating capacitykW24,57 (27,1*)32,65 (35,3*)48,25 (51,2*)48,25 (51,2*)52,04 (55,1*)65,20 (66,5*)
(3) Power inputkW5,477,8911,4211,4212,6416,1
(3) C.O.PW/W4,494,144,224,224,124,05
(4) Heating capacitykW22,05 (24,4*)32,33 (35,1*)41,07 (43,5*)41,07 (43,5*)49,33 (52,3*)60,45 (62,25*)
(4) Power inputkW6,339,8012,0712,0715,1518,9
(4) C.O.P.W/W3,493,303,43,43,263,2
(6) SCOPW/W3,833,823,823,8243,82
** Energy efficiencyA+
Compressor type Dc InverterDc InverterDc Inverter +On-Off 2 Dc Inverter2 Dc Inverter2 Dc Inverter
(7) Sound pressuredB(A)42,145,648,548,550,350,9
(7) Sound pressuredB(A)40,343,846,546,548,549,1
(7) Sound pressuredB(A)39,442,945,645,647,648,3
Outdoor temp°C-15/+46