• Herbal Laurel Hair and Body Care Oil Hair Care
  • Herbal Laurel Hair and Body Care Oil Hair Care

Herbal Laurel Hair and Body Care Oil Hair Care

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    Product features

 Natural Care

* Laurel Leaf Oil; hair loss and dandruff reduction,
* Olive oil; to repair damaged and broken hair, to strengthen,
* Argan Oil; it helps to nourish the hair and gain vitality and shine.
* Helps to repair and repair hair that is worn and broken due to external factors, damaged by blow dryer and heat treatments.
* Thanks to its special formula and vegetable oils that do not leave a feeling of oiliness; On dry and worn skin, when applied to the delicate and tired body by massage, it helps to moisturize, soften and soothe the skin. 

*  Do not apply to the face, certainly not used as sun oil.
* Not applied on wounded, burned and irritated skin.
* It is recommended to store at room temperature and shake before use.

Use for hair: Half an hour after the massage is applied to the bottom and ends of the hair with circular finger movements, foaming with Antioch's Verdaa Herbal Shampoo products for 30-40 seconds. and rinse with plenty of water.

Use for the Body: It is recommended to shower with Antioch's Verdaa Herbal Body Shampoo and apply twice a week within 24 hours after the whole body is applied by massage.


150 ml