Ice rink; concrete on the ground 10 cm. with a thickness of thermal insulation to stayrofor, isolation on disposal of approximately 8-10 cm of concrete, and laying it on the concrete walls on both sides by $ pipes are cooler.
Circus etc. After working for a certain period of time, such as concrete, not released to the last tracks to be moved, but the permanent and the ice melted after the runway intended to be used for other purposes, in order to achieve a better quality ice ice formed concrete floor must be strong.
Chillers are used to cool the track "Chiller Groups" to the position of the track freon or ammonia gas, is produced as air or water cooled.
Groups cooled brine chiller is pumped from the runway to freeze to -20 Cg carried out with a mixture of mono ethylene glycol water.
Made by us in Ankara (BELPA) Municipality Ice Rink freon gas, water cooling condenser, Izmit Municipality Ice Rink ammonia gas, water cooled condenser, air cooled condenser freon gas as the other small tracks were made.
Our work:

* Water and brine chillers

* Ice Skating Rink
* Project

* Manufacturing

* Installation
* Bİşletmeye-making
* Service (subsequent to commissioning service organization, so as to ensure the operation of the facility are non-stop.)