• KDM-600 Tilting Machine
  • KDM-600 Tilting Machine

KDM-600 Tilting Machine

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  • Istanbul / Turkey
  • Established 1962
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KDM 600 Tilting Machine is developed for ensuring that the dough pieces are conveyed easily and untouched from dough kneader to volumetric dough divider.
After the kneading vessel with dough is placed and fixed between arms of tilting machine, the system will lift up; then it will stop automatically when it reaches desired level; and then the vessel tilts as a result of which the dough inside the vessel is transferred into hopper of volumetric dough divider.
The tilting machine which is designed and manufactured to ensure maximum safety for the operator is equipped two different motor reducers, tension wall piece, and two different chain groups with safety switches in order to ensure full safety against fall.

Main Features:

  • Solid steel structure
  • Chain-gear action mechanism
  • Emergency stop button
  • Control panel containing all power and control functions
  • Also, optionally
  • Dough scraping unit
  • Rightward and leftward dough discharge option 
  • Customized manufacturing according to building height