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LIVA'S®GRANDE TERRA is a product having the nature of raw material.

LIVA'S®GRANDE TERRA is easily applicable in all kinds of sprinkling, drip irrigation and foliar applications with a view to promoting the effectiveness of all kinds of fertilizers and plant nutrition products. No material such as urea or nitrate nitrogen is added as may cause rampant vegetative growth of plant during, especially, the growth period.

LIVA'S®GRANDE TERRA is an organic fertilizer wholly plant in origin and having a high density due to the production method. Plants can readily take in the amino acids in the form of glutamate and polypeptide in the product


LIVA'S®GRANDE TERRA improves the efficiency and structure of the soil and contributes to the formation of stable humus.

LIVA'S®GRANDE TERRA promotes the root growth in applications carried out through drip irrigation and sprinkling. It may considerably increase the benefit of roots from soil.

Thanks to the regular LIVA'S®GRANDE TERRA applications, there will be no need for animal manure application externally. It enables the rapid decomposition of the tailing and plant residues in soil, laying the ground for the microbiological development of soil. It prevents wash-away of the nitrogen in the bottom fertilizers.

If used in foliar applications, LIVA'S®GRANDE TERRA supports increase of photosynthesis and brix and the coloring process during fruit ripening period. It conduces to the release of the elements which will ensure major cell growth and reduction of real chloroses and provide organic stability.


4.APPLICATION PLACE ; TIME AND DOSAGEIn vegetable production areas LIVA'S®GRANDE TERRA is applicable by being mixed into soil at a quantity of 8 – 15 liters per decare before seedling planting. 

In fruit orchards LIVA'S®GRANDE TERRA is applicable by being mixed into soil at a quantity of 7,5 – 10 liters per decare during the autumn and winter periods when plants are dormant.

In field crops LIVA'S®GRANDE TERRA is applicable by being mixed into soil at a quantity of 5 – 15 liters per decare before sowing. It may also be applied before germination, if possible.

No residue complications in plant; no spot and contaminaton on leafs, by LIVA'S®GRANDE TERRA

preharvest interval is (0) day’s between last application and harvesting. Where Bombus terrestris (earth bumblebee) has been used as a pollinator in greenhouse and outdoor crops, it will not be a problem when giving LIVA'S®GRANDE TERRA applications.

If applied by sprinkler irrigation, add LIVA'S®GRANDE TERRA into the irrigation system at the last moments of irrigation and stop sprinkling while fertilizer is finishing. In this application, the dosages as stated in the table may be increased by one-fold.

5.MISCILIBITY :LIVA'S®GRANDE TERRA is easily MIXABLE with all kinds of licensed fertilizers and agricultural pesticides. Make sure to carry out a preliminary test before mixing with any other plant nutrition or protection products.