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LIVA'S RAZOLA is a product decelerating cell division, and therefore, cell reproduction, in plants as parallel with the dosage used. This product should be used during hot weather conditions.If it is used during cold weather in winter, the dosage is recommended to be given by being divided.

The greatest advantage of LIVA'S RAZOLA is that, immediately after application, it is observed a shortening of the internodes in plants, thickening of the plant stems, strengthening of flower structure in plants, and a better growth of the fruit as a result of the generative (flower- and fruit-directed) orientation of the energy to head to (to be consumed at) the vegetative (leaves, branches, stem) parts during the development period of plants. Most importantly, plants are found to acquire greater resistanceagainst a number of diseases and pest harms due to the formation of lusher, healthier and stronger plants.


As a result of a faster growth and elongation of plants due to the effect of more frequent watering and fertilization owing to plant transpiration as well as the heat during excessively hot weather, plant internode lengths increase. Therefore, plants have a weak and feeble and elongated growth with thinner stems and wider internodes. In such cases, SINGLE APPLICATION should be carried out per season as of the first and second flowers (while the plant length is around 25 – 30 cm at maximum). Further, the dosage should not be exceeded in LIVA'S RAZOLA applications.

The most ideal method of use of LIVA'S RAZOLA is through SOIL (Drip Irrigation System)

LIVA'S RAZOLA should be used at 0,4 – 0,5 L per decare (da) (1.000 m2) as SINGLE APPLICATION per season through the DRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEM. It is recommended that 0,5 L / (1.000 m2)decare SHOULD NOT BE EXCEEDED in application.

2– 3 days after application of LIVA'S RAZOLA through the DRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEM, darkening is observed in the leaf color. It is during this period that the balanced and sufficient fertilization of plants ensures much more excellent results. The INTERNODE LENGTHS of the plant are shortened after application of LIVA'S RAZOLA. The flowers to follow will become more vibrant and stronger, with the fruit being of larger size.

Further, past experience regarding a variety of plants is as follows:

Application dosage of LIVA'S RAZOLA in tomato, eggplant, pepper, cucumber reaching the range of 20 – 25 cm;0,4 – 0,5 liters per decare(da) (1.000 m2) through the DRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEM.

For watermelon and melon, while branches are 50 – 60 cm, LIVA'S RAZOLA should be applied at 0,4 – 0,5 litersper decare (1.000 m2) with a little water through the DRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEM  for an average of 20 minutes. Applied as such, it will ensure earliness for 8 – 10 days. It will provide some 30% increase in flowering and fruit growth.

For squash, 2 APPLICATIONS are carried out at an interval of 15 DAYS. The first application to be carried out through the DROP IRRIGATION SYSTEM should take place during the period when the second tour of fruit picking is performed. As a result of the application, it will be seen that squash grows at a fast pace (early picking of minimum 1 day) and that the fruit color is darkened. The amount of dosage as to be given through the DRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEM should be calculated as 200 cc / da (1.000 m2).

For strawberry, single application at a dosage of 250 – 300 cc / da (1.000 m2) upon flowering should be carried out through the DRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEM.


In case of TOMATO, for cherry, truss, cocktail species, apply the dosage as recommended above by REDUCING the same down to 1 / 4th (a quarter), as100 cc per decare(1.000 m2), through the drip irrigation system.

Further, as for semi-multi type cucumbers, apply the dosage by REDUCING the same down to 50% (half), as 200 cc per decare(1.000 m2), through the drip irrigation system.