• Merbolin advantage silicone exterior Paints & Coatings
  • Merbolin advantage silicone exterior Paints & Coatings

Merbolin advantage silicone exterior Paints & Coatings

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Packaging shape

:2.5 lt, 7.5 lt and 15 lt.



:Silicone emulsion binder based, matt exterior wall paint.


:30 color cards.

Usage places

:All kinds of plaster on the facades of buildings, gross concrete, ytong, brick and so on. It can be used safely in building materials.


:Due to its silicone structure; It has high water vapor permeability, low water absorption, high alkali resistance and water repellent. It allows the painted surface to breathe and moisture to escape. Therefore, the surface always remains dry. Harmless to the environment, waterproof, resistant to friction and washing, sun rays, harmful effects of salty moisture on the coast. 

Technicial Specifications

:Binder Type: Acrylic copolymer - Silicone Emulsion
Viscosity (KU) (25 ° C): 134 ± 3
Density (g / ml) (20 ° C): 1.63 ± 0.03
Solids (by weight) (%): 68 ± 2
Brightness ( 85 ° -Gloss): 7 ± 3
pH: 8.00 - 9.00
Coating Capacity (Theoretical): 16 m² / lt; 10 m² / kg. (30µ dry film thickness)
Coating Capacity (Practical): 0.07 - 0.08 lt / m² (single coat) 0.110 - 0.135 kg / m² (single coat)
Recommended number of coats: Two coats
Drying time (20 ° C): Drying: 1 - 2 hours Full Drying: 24 hours
Thinning Ratio: 20 - 25% (with water - by volume)

Application 1

:Surfaces to be applied should be solid, dry and clean.
Dirty, dusty, swollen and old painted surfaces should be cleaned by scraping and surface defects should be corrected with Merbolin Exterior Putty. Merbolin Advantage Silicone Exterior Primer or Merbolin Merboizolan Insulation Primer should be applied to the surface in one coat.

Application 2

:2 - 4 hours after primer application; Merbolin Advantage Silicone Exterior Paint is diluted with 20-25% (by volume) water and applied to the surface in two coats by brush or roller. Wait for 1-3 hours between coats.

Storage Conditions

:It can be stored for two years in its original packaging in 5-35 ° C environments without direct sunlight. Protect from excessive temperature, humidity and frost.

Important Notices

:The paint should be thoroughly mixed before use.
Ambient temperature should be between 5-35 ° C during application.
After each application; Brush or roller should be cleaned with water.
The surfaces applied with Merbolin Silicone Lux Exterior Paint should be protected from physical and chemical factors for 3 days.
Paint should never be drained into sewers and water channels.
Application should be done as stated above.

Hazard Warnings

:R 22: Harmful if swallowed. :

Safety Precautions

:S 2: Keep out of the reach of children. :
S 3/7: Keep container tightly closed in a cool place. :
S 24/25: Avoid contact with eyes and skin. :
S 29: Do not dispose of into drains. :
S 46: If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label.