• Military Tent / Camp Air Conditioning
  • Military Tent / Camp Air Conditioning

Military Tent / Camp Air Conditioning

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  • Ankara / Turkey
  • Established 1987
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For 32 years, we have been offering air conditioning systems to Turkish and foreign armies for fast, practical, robust and NATO conditions for use in military tents and camps.

We design and produce the demands shaped according to military needs with our expert engineering staff. NATO stock numbers are also available for systems manufactured in accordance with all kinds of climate conditions all over the world.

In air conditioning systems that we produce for military tents, air inlet is provided by the installation of bellows in the air inlet holes located on the back of the tents. As hot gases are not mixed with each other, hot air is provided inside the tent. The photocell, solenoid, valve, burner switch, thermostat etc. Since it has safety equipment, it can be adjusted to the desired outlet temperature and can be used safely as a fully automatic device.

Thermacool units can be climate up to the middle of the tent with a single unit. Since using different air conditioning units for each tent increases the total cost and energy consumption, we produce sensitive solutions to reduce energy and money waste with Thermacool units which can air conditioning for more than one tent.