• NRG-Disc (New Rubber Generation Disc) Auto Transmission Systems
  • NRG-Disc (New Rubber Generation Disc) Auto Transmission Systems

NRG-Disc (New Rubber Generation Disc) Auto Transmission Systems

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With the new cord-reinforced flexible prop shaft coupling, called NRG-Disc (New Rubber Generation Disc), Vibracoustic offers carmakers a cost-effective alternative to a hardy disc for all-wheel and rear-wheel drive vehicles. The torsional vibration occurring in the motor is transferred to the prop shaft via the transmission, where it can have a disruptive effect in the form of airborne or structure-borne noise and vibration, and can even cause damage to the drive train in the long term. Typical symptoms are clunk noises, declutch bumps, and gear rattle noises.

Decoupling elements such as flexible discs in the power train can help to minimize these effects. They isolate torsional vibration occurring at the prop shaft and can also harmonize the torque ramp-up and compensate the axial displacement and cardanic angle. Within the new NRG-Disc, any desired spring rate can be set in combination with special bushings to ensure axial force compensation. That could be achieved by specific cord packages for drive and overrun direction, the use of different cord types, optimized winding processes and rubber compounds. At 4.5°, the maximum cardanic angle is particularly high and therefore allows its application even in demanding installation situations.

The coupling can be flexibly designed in terms of isolation and stiffness according to the customer’s requirements without a change of geometrical dimensions. The disc can also withstand the highest torsional torques and is significantly more durable and lighter than current series-produced solutions available on the market, thanks to its specially developed components.