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Oxydant is a creamy liquid which makes the dye activated. One of the most important elements of hair coloring is choosing the right oxidant. Improper handling will make the choice of oxidants, may have unintended consequences. Therefore, you should make your oxidant selection as careful and careful as your paint selection. Be sure to use the same brand of oxidant as the paint you choose. You can easily select the oxidant that is suitable for your application from the table below.

• No: 0 10 Vol. Oxidant: White closure and to darken hair color,

• No: 1 20 Vol. Oxidant: White closure, 1-2 tone opening process and to dye the hair to the same tone,

• No: 2 30 Vol. Oxidant: To open hair up to 2-3 tons,

• No: 3 40 Vol. Oxidant: It should be preferred for opening 3-4 tons of hair and for make-up and balancing applications.