• Packaging Machine - Vertical - ODM 600
  • Packaging Machine - Vertical - ODM 600

Packaging Machine - Vertical - ODM 600

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  • Istanbul / Turkey
  • Established 1971
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    ODM 600 Vertical Packaging Machine can pack Pillow, Stand up and Quadro optionally, The weight range can attain 5000 gr maximum, the maximum size of the bag is 320*450 mm Depending on the capacity demand the ODM 600 is produced pneumatically or servo-controlled. The Volumetric filling system and the Electronic weighing system are used  for crystalized and granular products, The Screw filling system used for powder products. Also there is the liquid filling systems for liquid products. 

ODM 600
Filling SystemElectronic weighing system- Servo, Volumetric , Auger filler
ProductsCereals, nuts, dry fruits, chocolate, candy, chips, cookies, pasta, cookies, fruit / vegetables / frozen meat, coffee, tea etc ...
Weight Range500- 5000 gr
Packing shapePillow bag , Standup bag, Quadro bag
Packing Speed20-50 p/p/m. pneumatic
40-80 p/p/m. servo
Packing MaterialOPP, CPP, PET, AL. MetOPP and other all king of laminated film or PE
Min. Width and length of the Bag100*150 mm
Max. Width and length of the Bag300*500 mm
Max. Width of the rolls700 mm
inner diameter of the rolls76 mm
Max. diameter of the rolls500 mm
Dimensions de la machine 180*220*195 mm
weight of the Machine1.200 kg
Mechanical control systempneumatic / or with servo
Pneumatic systemFesto
Electrical systemSIEMENS / MITSUBISHI
Voltage380 Volt AC / 8 Kwh
Air6 bar / 400 Lt/min.