• Screw Compressors - Ultra Series
  • Screw Compressors - Ultra Series

Screw Compressors - Ultra Series

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  • Konya / Turkey
  • Established 2007
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The Ultra series Screw Compressors are produced by Özen compressors, proven Özen quality combined with customized solutions by adding special solutions and equipments, ULTRA series screw air compressors are  for maximum performance and benefits .


The ULTRA series based on all properties of CORE series with plus features ULTRA series create difference.


The air end-motor connection at Ultra series provide by gear system which is own design of Özen Compressors. The gear coupling system is prevented possible cycling loss, maximum efficiency is obtained.



Ultra Series is the result of meeting the target for Maximum customer satisfaction with every aspect.



By using bigger size of screw block at Ultra series, the free delivery is much more and air end speed is much lower. By this way the maximum free air delivery together with maximum benefit for compressor can obtain from ULTRA series.


The Maestro 30 which use at ULTRA series, with graphical screen for displaying 13 languages including Arabic, controlling 1+4 compressors, displaying immediate electric consumption, following malfunction, equal aging feature is available for multiple compressors work. Pressure monitoring, air end temperature monitoring, maintenance time tracking and automatic alarm feature in maintenance time, working time incorporating many other features real user-friendly control panel model.


By using special sound isolation materials, the working noise level at ULTRA series is lower than 80 dB(A)

The auto drain which located at cooler outlet as standard separate 70% of water which compressed air contain. By this way dry air flow is possible to air receiver or dryer. 


The radial cooling fan which use at ULTRA series cooling system, provide so effective cooling to able compressor run properly at high ambient temperatures. By this way ULTRA series screw compressors can work trouble free at hot ambient temperatures.


The insulation and sound-reducing coating provide minimum noise level at ULTRA series. This feature made ULTRA series more environmentally friendly.

m³/min @ 7,5 BARm³/min @ 10 BARm³/min @ 13 BAR
OSC 40U5.7005,704.9004,904.1304,133040681"730
OSC 50U7.0007,005.9005,905.0005,003750681 1/4"760
OSC 60U8.7008,707.1007,106.0006,004560691 1/2"1000
OSC 75U11.00011,008.5008,507.1507,155575691 1/2"1050
OSC 100U15.12015,1213.03013,0311.23011,2375100702"1750
OSC 125U17.00017,0015.35015,3511.37011,3790125702"2250
OSC 150U20.42020,4218.87018,8713.43013,43110150722"2650
OSC 180U24.00024,0019.60019,6016.83016,83132180723"3460
OSC 220U30.16030,1627.21027,2122.68022,68160220743"3850
OSC 270U37.10037,1029.68029,6824.38024,38200270744"4420
OSC 340U48.50048,5038.16038,1630.21030,21250340774"5750
OSC 430U55.65055,6548.23048,2341.34041,34315430774"6000