•  SLG3 Monophase Electro-Pump
  •  SLG3 Monophase Electro-Pump

SLG3 Monophase Electro-Pump

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  • Izmir / Turkey
  • Established 1957
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It is between 0.75 KW and 11 KW. These are various sized pumps, directly coupled with the electric engine. The mono-phase engine of 0.75 KW - 2.2 KW is connected as coupled to a pump with size between 1 inch and 3 inches.

Sealing is secured by a mechanical gasket/joint. If so required, production is performed using a lubricated gasket.

The materials used are, cast (pig) iron, rustproof steel and bronze. These are one impeller, covered-fan pumps. They are driven by electric engines that are fit for their IEC structure sizes.

When looked from the engine side (i.e. the cooling protector bowl side), the rotation direction of pumps will be clockwise.

Name-coding of the pump is first by KW and then the pump size in inches. For example: 1,1 KW (1.5 HP) 2 inches…

Areas of use are water supply, agricultural irrigation, sprinkler and drip irrigation, industrial ring circuits (loops), supply of pressurized water, etc…

The cable cross-section to be used must be calculated according to the engine size and distance and connected by competent expert electricians.

The fittings of water pump must also be installed in a manner not to allow any leakage. Otherwise, when the pump absorbs air from the fittings, it will not draw water.

Not all plumbers are skilled enough to connect pumps. Any installation/connection must be done by experienced professionals.