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SALUT / STERISOFT sterilization rolls and pouches are produced of transparent and multilayer CPP/PET laminate, layer, strengthened for sterilization, resistant to tearing and breaking; copolymer film and medical Kraft paper.

Triple band seal provides three independent barriers to contamination, while reducing the risk of fibre tear. All reels are imprinted with water based, non-toxic accurate Steam and EO process indicators which are located outside the packaging area to prevent pigment migration to the product. All products are produced under the validated manufacturing conditions and all the materials are proper to the international standards.

Sterisoft medical paper provides maximum safety.

All the pressures are done into the edge sources out of the packaging are to prevent pigment migration risk

CPP/PET film which eliminates the risk of tearing at the moment of opening

60 gsm or 70 gsm medical Kraft paper in high barrier speciality and quality

Certain operation indicators; water based and non toxic. Comply with ISO 11140-1

Formaldehyde (FO) indicator available upon requst.

Strong seal-strength and visible sealing lines.

Clean fibre-free opening

Opening direction is marked

Proper to EN 868-5 and TSE EN ISO 13485 standards. Rolls and pouches can be closed with all closing machine models easily