• The Schleibinger Bending Drain
  • The Schleibinger Bending Drain

The Schleibinger Bending Drain

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  • Ankara / Turkey
  • Established 2000
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BENDING DRAIN. This unit is intended for measuring the bending and shrinkage behavior of building materials. For the simulation of the floor heating a heating system is built in. The sample is supported on two defined abutments on the stable device foundation. Two high-precision sensor record the change in length and height of the material. Between the sample and measuring drain, a compressible rubber (Neoprene) is used for mechanical decoupling. The Bending drain is fully networkable and can be operated from any workstation via webbrowser. In addition, the data can be recorded on a connectable USB stick. The termperature profile of the intergrated underfloor heating can be freely programmed. Constant temperatures and temperature ramps are possible. An additional combined temperature and humidity sensor records the ambient conditions. A thermocouple, which can be embedded in the sample, measures the sample temperature.