• Trimble S7 Totalstation
  • Trimble S7 Totalstation

Trimble S7 Totalstation

  • Not Verified
  • Istanbul / Turkey
  • Established 1988
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Measuring, imaging and 3D scanning with one powerful solution

Improved Trimble VISION technology for video robotic control, field documentation and photogrammetric measurements

Locate2Protect real-time device management

Trimble DR Plus for long distance and superior accuracy

Type: Servo Motor

Angle Accuracy: 1 ", 2", 3 "and 5"

Angle Sensor: Absolute Encoder

Compensator: Centered dual axis

Compensator Accuracy: 0.5 "(0.15 mgon)

Compensator Range: ± 5.4 '(± 100 mgon)

Distance Sensitivity: 1 mm + 2 ppm

Measurement Time: 1.2 sec

Single Prism Max. Distance: 5500 m

Without reflector Max. Distance: 2200 m

Scan: Yes

Scanning Distance: 1 - 250 m

Scanning Speed: 900 points / min

Scanning Accuracy: 1.5 mm @ ≤50 m

Plumb Type: Optical

Spherical Level: 8 '/ 2 mm

Spherical Level (Digital): 0.3 "(0.1 mgon)

Binoculars Magnification: 30x

Binoculars Opening: 40 mm

Bristle Illumination: Variable (10 steps)

Auto Focus: Yes

Camera: Yes, auto-focus, HDR

Camera Resolution: 2048 x 1536 pixels

Battery Type: Li-Ion

Battery Duration: 6.5 hours

Weight: 5.5 kg

Operating Temperature: -20 ° C to +50 ° C

IP Rating: IP65

Communication: USB, Serial, Bluetooth

Auto-lock: Yes

Autoclock Distance: 800 m

Autoclock Sensitivity: <2 mm

Robotics: Options

Robotics Search Time: 2-10 sec

GPS Lock: Yes (with TSC3 or Tablet Control Unit)

GPS Lock Targeting Time: <3 sec

finelock: Yes

FineLock Accuracy: <1 mm

Stolen Protection (Locate2Protect): Yes

Operating System: Windows Embedded CE (Control Unit)

Off-Road Software: Trimble Access (Control Unit)

Memory: On the Control Unit

Long Distance FineLock: None

Long Distance FineLock Sensitivity: None

Auto-Focus: None

Intuitive Trimble Access Terrain Software

Trimble Business Center Office Software for fast data processing

Seamless integration with Trimble V10 Imaging Rover and GNSS receivers