• Tunnel Ovens with Wire Base MTF-3.00
  • Tunnel Ovens with Wire Base MTF-3.00

Tunnel Ovens with Wire Base MTF-3.00

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  • Istanbul / Turkey
  • Established 1962
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Özköseoğlu’s Tunnel Bread Ovens reflecting Özköseoğlu’s more than 35 years of experience in the sector stand out as pioneers of fully-automatic and high-capacity bread production facilities. Tunnel ovens which are the most essential part of industrial bread production process are widely used in many points in domestic and foreign markets, including leading enterprises, public organizations, and Public Bread facilities. Özköseoğlu tunnel ovens which were started to be manufactured under license of German W&P have a cyclothermic system which ensure most effective use of heat and create a hygienic baking environment. Tunnel ovens with operational widths of 2m, 3.00m, and 3.75m have a length between 9 and 30 meters. There are different alternative versions of tunnel ovens which can produce 1.500 pieces to 6.500 pieces of bread per hour.  Of MTF -3.00 models, ovens with baking belt length up to 24m has single combustion chamber while ovens with a length between 27m and 30m have two combustion chambers. Of LMTF - 3.75 models, ovens with a baking length up to 18m has single  combustion chamber while ovens which are 21m or longer have two combustion chambers.


Wire conveyor belt is an endless conveyor belt made of stainless steel wires. Movement of belt inside the oven is ensured by friction force generated by drive rolls located at the exit of oven. The pretension required for such forces is ensured by belt tension station right behind the rolls. This station produces the force required for the drive roll to grab the belt while loaded, and prevent the roll moving idly under the belt.