• Vertical Artistic Pebble Mosaic
  • Vertical Artistic Pebble Mosaic

Vertical Artistic Pebble Mosaic

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  • Antalya / Turkey
  • Established 1992
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Colors: White, Black, Beige, Yellow, Red, Green, Gray

Application Methods

1. On-site application: Computer-aided pattern design is made by identifying the application areas in the architectural project. 1/1 molds of the patterns are produced and laid in the application area, and then the skilled installers of the pebbles start to be hand-arranged one by one. Depth of application should be 9cm from the finished surface. When the assembly is finished, the sealant is cleaned after the hardening process and applied. The pebbles are collected by the installers with one hand and stacked again with one hand.

2. Application on the net: This production is carried out by gluing the gravel vertically onto the net. Depth of application is 3cm from the finished floor. It is preferred in projects where application depth is limited. The application is made on the net in the works where the weight per unit m² is kept to a minimum, the work permit cannot be obtained for our installers and the works we send to export.

Application Areas

Outdoor: Garden, terrace, balcony, shelf, pool area and so on. in places such as wood ceramic, granite, marble, travertine, as a navel or border; It can also be applied in flowerpots and lawns in the garden around the field, on walkways, in garage parking areas.

Interior: It can be applied between wooden parquet ceramic, granite and marble material in the form of navel or border in entrance, halls and hall bolkon.