• Beyanlab Automatic Water Distillation Equipment
  • Beyanlab Automatic Water Distillation Equipment

Beyanlab Automatic Water Distillation Equipment

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This Cabinet-Series is ideal for procuring ultra high purity water for demanding applications in the laboratory work. It incorporates several safety devices for optimum use in hospitals and labs and has been designed to meet National&International Safety Standards.


- Replaceable Silica Sheathed (Quartz) Heater : The horizontal jacket is fitted with removable silica sheathed heater and screw threaded connectors for ease of cleaning.
- Distillate temperature is approx. between 25° to 45° C which is ensured by an efficient condenser.
- The stand is powder coated for rust free operation and lustrous appearance.
- Cooling water from the condenser is re-circulated into the boiling chamber, hence saving energy.
- Screw Threaded Connectors : These are provided for easy plumbing 8t Installation to avoid any glassware breakage during assembly.
- Fuse is provided for safety in case of voltage fluctuation or short circuit.
- Boiler is provided with Replaceable Constant Level Device for easy draining and cleaning of boiling chamber.

Additional Built-in Safty Features :

-Gate Valve: Conserves cooling water wastage in case of power failure.
-Flow Switch: In-built safety feature for the equipment unit shut off in case of cooling water failure.
-Temperature Switch : The boiler is equipped with a safety temperature switch which shuts off the unit if water level in the boiler falls below the heater, thus saving the glass parts from any damages.
-Level Sensor : It shuts off the distillation equipment if the water level in the boiler falls below the heater.
-Reservoir Level Sensor : This helps in automatic working of the water distillation equipment. Depending on the water level in the reservoir it will automatically switch On/Off the -equipment, thus saving energy. (Reservoir can also be provided with a storage capacity of 5 Itr, 10 Itr & 20 Itr made of Borosilicate Glass or polypropylene).